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NASA Voyager One gold diagram sent into space by humans hoping to contact ETs.
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      Spin Wave Technology Global Market Assessment

Spinwave technology includes but is not limited to gravity modification propulsion and economically free energy. It is difficult to determine a dollar amount for these technological advancements. However, as explained better below, we propose that to maintain global economic stability, it is necessary to consider the value of spinwave technology to be approximately equal to the USA national debt.

As of November 2019, the USA national debt was approximately $23 trillion US dollars. That is $23,000,000,000,000. We propose setting the value of spinwave technology to $25 trillion US dollars since the value keeps going up. For those who want a refresher on what the USA national debt is, please read the Wikipedia page:

national debt of the United States
National Debt of the Unitied States

Why is it necessary to relate the value of spinwave technology to the value of the USA national debt?

Most people don't realize it but the value of USA national debt has already been forced to be linked to the value of oil. Countries are willing to buy our debt if we are willing to buy their oil and buy it at a price where they have enough profit to purchase our debt. One big reason US citizens can live like royalty compared to many people on the planet is because someone is willing to float our debt.

For example, if a person can spend as much as they want on their credit cards and never worry about paying them off then they can live the good life relative to others. However, if you do an internet search of countries holding USA debt, it will look like oil producing countries do not hold the majority of USA debt. We suspect their investments are being purposely hidden. Perhaps oil producers are using investment companies based in other countries. We suspect multiple levels of deception are used to hide the major players who hold the majority of the U.S. national debt. Ask yourself, where do people like the Saudi Royal family invest much of their wealth? In what investments do oil producing countries put most of their money?

By the way, there is also a link between USA social security and USA national debt which is used to artificially inflate the value of social security funds available while at the same time providing a way to float more national debt. The USA right hand prints treasury bonds and sells them while the USA left hand buys treasury bonds and then proclaims its vast holdings of money in the social security trust in the form of treasury bonds to pay for social security for its retired citizens.

Although the release of spinwave technology could be of great value to the whole planet, the conversion to an economically free energy source would plummet the value of oil and so potentially cause the USA to default on its debt which would cause extreme global economic distress.

We are proposing the following solution: The USA can sell and export spinwave technology in exchange for that portion of U.S. national debt held by foreign countries, (approx. $7 trillion in 2019). Countries, holding debt that could potentially become worthless, can instead exchange said debt for something of equal or greater value. Those countries holding more debt would receive more help with learning and implementing spinwave technology.

There is another advantage to making this transition now. Climate changes induced by increased greenhouse gases are a much bigger problem than the people on this planet are currently recognizing. In fact, of all information in the global news currently, this is the most important of all by far:

We will probably pass the 1.5C point of no return.

king tide sunny day flooding
more king tide sunny day flooding
spacer gif roof collapse from snow
more roof collapses from snow

It is necessary to stop the use of fossil fuels for energy as quickly as possible. Sea level rise will cause coastal areas to become uninhabitable and shipping ports to become unusable. Climate change can potentially make other areas of the planet less habitable as well. Without taking steps to resolve this quickly, the planet will experience a serious economic decline and population loss. Spinwave technology can be instrumental in creating inland shipping ports for vehicles using electro-gravity propulsion.

Along with the release of spinwave technology comes also the important responsibility to not weaponize the technology. The human race can either destroy itself or learn to live in peace.

There are some who may try to claim that this is a foreign technology and that we cannot allow foreign technologies to affect technological development on our planet. This is a false claim. This technology has been developed by many independent researchers and experimenters right here on Earth but their research and inventions have been and are still being stolen by the military-industrial complex of the USA and of other countries. Secrecy orders are being placed on people trying to patent these technologies and this has been going on for so many decades that these technologies seem like science fiction compared to what the public thinks is possible. It is time to make some changes.

We are making no claims for or against the existence of intelligent life on other planets. We are only saying it has never been necessary to consider these advanced technologies as coming from some other place. These technologies have already been developed here and kept secret from the world. But now is the time to let the technology out when the world needs it the most.

The link between the USA national debt and oil cannot be maintained forever. Also, the artificially inflated value of the social security trust cannot be maintained forever. It is like a global Ponzi scheme that will eventually fail with disastrous economic effects for the whole planet.

UPDATE 06/04/2022: Covid (and now monkey pox) is the hare and climate change is the tortoise. New deseases may force the USA national debt Ponzi scheme to collapse but climate change is a bigger problem in the end.

Global Market Assessment of spinwave Technology

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