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NASA Voyager One gold diagram sent into space by humans hoping to contact ETs.
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This is another in-work presentation. It is about the Equivalence Principle and testing for Bob Lazar's Gravity A and Gravity B:


This is another in-work presentation. It is about correlating quantum theory of orbital electrons with classical theory:


This is an in-work supplemental presentation with animations of spin waves discussed in the next presentation:

This is 1 of 2 presentations George Bugh gave at the ISGAC2023 (INTERNATIONAL SUMMIT on GRAVITATION, ASTROPHYSICS and COSMOLOGY), March 6-7, 2023 in Rome, Italy.



This video of the narrated version has been edited to travel through time faster with errors and boring delays removed. Note: In the video Bugh says he retired from Lockheed Martin in 2014 but it was 2015.
link-between-electromagnetism-and-gravity-narrated.mp4 (127MB size)

See the high resolution version of
'An Exploitable Link between Electromagnetism and Gravity' here on YouTube:

The 3 gravity videos of 2016 are combined into 1 video now and available at the below link. Please be patient because we have a slow server. Please select to download and save on your device. Feel free to share with everyone.

george-bugh-2016-gravity-videos.mp4 (288 MB)

The hyperlinks within the below files may go dead over time but the links should still work if copied and pasted into:

Our presentation about magnetic permeability also discusses magnetic circuits vs electric circuits, how magnetic circuits work differently at very high frequencies and how new technologies are possible with a better understanding of spin interactions at very high frequencies within magnetic materials. This presentation also provides evidence that for many decades some already know about and have been researching these new technologies, including antigravity and "free energy" devices.



Our presentation about delayed Lenz's Law starts by presenting what happens when trying to apply Lenz's Law to high frequency magnetic circuits. It also covers Lenz's Law as it relates to "free energy" devices. Then a large part of the presentation serves as George Bugh's notes to himself as he researches how to design a "free energy" device. At one point during the presentation he notes that an optimum "free energy" design starts to look very similar to the device that Bob Lazar called an antimater reactor, except that it doesn't require element 115, just a wedge shape of microwave magnetic material.



The below file is a copy of new chapters of our book about Spin Wave Technology however, that new edition never got published. It discusses the similarities between magnetic levitation and antigravity. Maglev systems use relatively low frequency opposing electromagnetic fields whereas antigravity uses microwave frequency opposing electromagnetic fields.


The below file is a copy of our Overview of Spinwave Technology presentation in the Articles section of this website.


Before you download the below file, please go to Articles:The Nature of Time and read the updates.


UPDATE: March 11, 2023: Here is the 2nd PowerPoint presentation George Bugh made at ISGAC2023. It is based on his original paper about the nature of time.

the-nature-of-time-powerpoint-narrated-low-res.mp4 (147 MB) This presentation has been edited to travel through time faster. Note: In the video Bugh says he retired from Lockheed Martin in 2014 but it was 2015.;~)

See the high resolution version of 'The Nature of Time' here on YouTube:

The below file contains patents that give details on the manufacture and performance of MnAlC or Mn-Al-C manganese aluminum carbon magnets as well as bismuth and silver based magnetic materials. Because in the 1920's experimenters of "free energy devices" had good results using radioactive elements in their devices, more recent updates to this file include information about uranium based magnetic materials. We have no idea if these will help. It was difficult to find examples of magnetic materials that utilize radioactive elements but for those gifted in the art, this is an area worth exploring. Radioactive ores are legal to purchase by the general public at places like ebay but it is not legal to process/refine these ores. Wear a mask, gloves and eye covering when handling radioactive ores.
Please be safe. (Large file: 94MB)

For engineering students in the USA, we are offering awards for R&D assistance. See our project proposal file for student projects for fall of 2020:




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