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      Our Consulting Fees for Spin Wave Technology

Please first read the previous page: Spin Wave Technology Global Market Assessment

Assuming that consulting is provided to countries holding USA national debt and is provided as an exchange for said debt then our consulting fee is calculated to be a small fraction of the value exchanged between the US government and each foreign country holding US national debt.

Specifically, it is proposed the fraction be .001% or in other words 0.00001 or one hundred thousanth of said debt averaged over the span of time Mr. Bugh or his alternates are expected to be able to continue providing services with the following assumptions that the Vasant Corporation is NOT necessarily obligated to adhere to should circumstances change:

1. Mr. Bugh or his alternates provide consulting on a 20 hour/week basis for the next 10 years
2. Mr. Bugh maintains good health during this time into his mid 70's
3. During that time the Vasant Corporation completes the process of providing consulting in exchange for foreign held USA national debt
4. At this time said debt held in foreign countries is approximately 7 trillion dollars

Then with the Vasant Corporation providing these services over a 10 year period at a rate of 20hr/week or 52 weeks/year or in other words for 10400 hours while getting compensated .001% (.00001) of the USA foreign held national debt for that time then the Vasant Corporation should receive ($7,000,000,000,000 * .00001 / 10400)/hour = $6,730.7/hour for a total of 70 million US dollars.

Compensation of $6,730.7/hour for consulting on spinwave technology is less that the compensation of the CEO of Lockheed Martin, in 2019 at over $12k/hour. Specifically, $24.4 million annual compensation divided by a typical 2000 hours/year is $12,200/hour. We believe spinwave technology (antigravity, free energy) is worth more than what Lockheed Martin is providing.

ceo of lockheed martin annual compensation
Annual Compensation to CEO of Lockheed Martin

With these consulting fees, the Vasant Corporation hopes to open a restaurant chain in the Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding North Texas areas consisting of about 50 locations each capable of feeding about 250,000 climate change displaced people every 24 hours. In addition, the Vasant Corporation would like to provide additional urban and rural weather durable housing for bed and breakfast for said people in the Texas and surrounding areas.

The Vasant Corporation does not believe we can rely on US government agencies like FEMA to provide these services for everyone. The services could possibly become politicized. Certain religious and/or ethnic groups or LGBT groups could be treated like scapegoats in a degraded economy with hatred towards them promoted by bad leaders.

If conditions become too dire in the USA then plan B would be to teach spin wave technology to people in some other places where food can grow abundantly like parts of Africa or Central/South America. Then with voluntary humanitarian help from the trained local populations, antigravity vehicles could be used to fly in relief for starving people in the USA.

Justification for spin wave technology consulting fees

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