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      Spin Superradiance and Power Generation

First please carefully review the home page and the Links page about Spin Superradiance.

The type of electromagnetic energy exchange that creates a sea of standing waves as described on the home page is equivalent to an invisible spin superradiance throughout the whole universe.

Within a spin superradiance device, when a population of spins in a metastable state all transistion to a lower energy state then exchanged electromagnetic energy becomes momentarily visible. But the energy from electron precessions was already there. Only it was locked in sync with the sea of standing waves so was not detectable.

The sea of standing waves described on the home page also has spinwaves that propagate through it because all the precessing spins of charged particles that radiate and absorb these electromagnetic waves, their motions are not in perfect harmony with each other. These spinwaves are difficult to detect because they are generated by compensating spins that radiate and absorb electromagnetic waves in which the electric field components are equal and opposite so cancel but the magnetic components are in phase and so add together. They are more or less in phase because the natural tendency of magnetic dipoles is to move to a more ordered state, not to a more chaotic state. The 2nd (man made) law of thermodynamics applies more to rectilinear motions but not always to rotational motions of magnetic dipoles like there are through the spin axes of charged particles.

To tap into the energy exchange of these standing waves, it is necessary to get a local group of spins slightly out of phase or out of sync with the sea of standing waves. This should be possible within a device with a source of EMF and a source of CEMF if the CEMF can be delayed in time so that it can no longer fulfill the usual function of conserving energy. It that case, the energy lost can come from the charged particles involved. They can lose a slight amount of angular momentum until electromagnetic forces from the sea of standing waves can get them back up to speed.

During this slight out of phase or out of sync condition in which a slight amount of angular momentum is lost, this loss also causes a slight decrease in electric charge of all the charged particles that lost momentum. This in turn can cause a rush of current due to the charge imbalance. This might cause a field coil for a spin superradiance device to output excess power at the relatively low frequency at which the field coil magnetizes the magnetic material within the spin superradiance cavity.

But the magnetic material that would experience a change in electrostatic potential is usually an insulator material. To cause a current flow in the field coil, the local spin interations within the field coil's conductive material would have to have exchange of spin energy with the magnetic material. The charged particles of the magnetic material would have a natural tendency to absorb spin exchange energy from the local environment to get back up to speed. This could be how a decrease in spin angular momentum is transfered to the field coil so as to create a current rush in the field coil.

I need to explain all this with diagrams on a whiteboard. I'm afraid just the words alone sound like gibberish.

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Spinwaves and Power Generation

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