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NASA Voyager One gold diagram sent into space by humans hoping to contact ETs.
      Spinwave Technology intro videos

Here's an old narrated presentation created back in 2010 for the PowerPoint file created back in 2003 of Spinwave Technology (basis of gravity modification technology). In the videos, George Bugh doesn't mention his employer's name, Lockheed Martin, because at the time of the video, the DOD stated they didn't want people to know who Bugh worked for as it would facilitate people contacting him and possibly asking him about classified projects he was working on.

This presentation describes the differences between describing the universe using classical electrodynamics versus quantum electrodynamics. The former allows integration of the gravitational force.

Apologizes in advance that the video is broken up into 3 parts and Youtube makes it hard to find the other parts, not listing them together, so please come back here to click the link to each next part of the video.

UPDATE Jan 18, 2021:
Please see the 3 video segments combined here:

Spinwave Technology Introduction Video/h1>

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