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NASA Voyager One gold diagram sent into space by humans hoping to contact ETs.
      What Powers those Pentagon verified UFOs?

August 26, 2020

What Powers those Pentagon verified UFOs?

A Chronology of the Energy and Gravity Research of the Vasant Corporation

Article developed by:
Kesar Rana

video of ufo on ir tracking camera
The Aguadilla UFO Incident

Since before the beginning of the internet there have been inventors claiming they made some type of electrical device that provided power from no apparent source. However, after the establishment of the internet, information about these devices became more widely available to the general public. At the beginning of the internet there was less misinformation and disinformation about these devices.

Back in 1993 there was an electronics engineer named George J Bugh who was employed at General Dynamics in Fort Worth, Texas where they built the F-16 jet fighter. Later this division was sold to Lockheed and later still Lockheed merged with Martin Marietta to become Lockheed Martin. But all the while, after work, George Bugh had entirely too much spare time on his hands. He started studying these so called "free energy" devices mainly out of curiosity and fascination regarding the possibility that any of these devices could really work. Some devices were also claimed to get cooler and lose weight in proportion to the amount of electrical power drawn from them. One thing Bugh was sure of, that the energy was coming from somewhere since energy is always conserved. Energy cannot be created from nothing.

Big brother was doing the same research

At one point during Bugh's years of research, he got an 'inside call'* at work from someone claiming to be a software engineer in another department. He said he had noticed Bugh's internet research of these devices and wanted to know if Bugh would work in his department. He said his department had a government contract to find all "free energy" devices around the world. His department also assisted the US government in identifying and acquiring patents that would get secrecy orders placed on them. Bugh declined to join him and never heard back from the man. Decades later, Bugh has studied many such devices in an attempt to figure out if they could really work and if so then to figure out how they could work.
* As indicated by single rings versus double rings of the phone system at that time.

Early examples of "Free Energy" Devices

The Hubbard Device

The Hubbard device was built by Alford M. Hubbard in the 1920s and included magnetic materials and coils of wiring. It was witnessed to power a boat at about 10 knots in a demonstration that lasted several hours. An article about his device was published in "The Post-Intelligencer (Seattle WA)", Thursday, July 29, 1920. There were investigative reporters who checked carefully for hidden wiring and hidden power sources but none could be found. There are websites that claim the Hubbard Device was secretly powered by radioactive radium which was hidden within the device.

alfred hubbard in boat with free energy generator

At the time, Bugh assumed these were false facts made in such a way as to make them appear genuine. It should not be possible for radium to generate any such power while hidden among magnetic materials and coils of wire. All known nuclear reactions using radioactive materials would have to generate heat which would be used in a thermoelectric generator or converted to mechanical work to turn a generator so just having the radioactive material with the magnetic materials and wiring of the device shouldn't have done anything to generate electrical power.

Never the less, the device was witnessed to work. Bugh feels that currently there is a smear campaign against Hubbard that associates him with things like LSD to make people lose interest in his device. Regardless of whether it is true or not, the device was witnessed to work. Reference Alford Hubbard information:

The Hendershot Device

The Hendershot Device was developed by Lester Hendershot also in the 1920s and was also made of a unique configuration of parts that included magnetic materials and coils of wiring and was able to power radios and light bulbs. His device was reported in the New York Times (February 27, 1928).

lestor hendershot with his free energy generator

While studying the Hendershot device, Bugh came across someone claiming that the secret of how it worked was also a radioactive material, pitchblende, hidden somewhere in the device. Pitchblende is a radioactive ore of uranium. Currently available information on the internet does not contain enough reliable information for anyone to make a working unit anymore.
Never-the-less, it was witnessed to work by:
Major Thomas G. Lanphier, commandant at Selfridge Field, Mich.
D. Barr Peat, who was manager of Bettis Field at McKeesport
W.B. Stout, head of the Stout Air Lines and designer of the all-metal tri-motored Ford Monoplane
Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh and others.

The Sweet Device

This device was designed and tested by Floyd Sweet in 1986 and Sweet originally called it a Space Quanta Magnifier. However, an outspoken engineer named Tom Beardon took it upon himself to rename the device a Vacuum Triode Amplifier or VTA. Many claim this device would only work when the magnets used were modified or preconditioned in some way.

floyd sweet free energy device inventor.webp

Some say the preconditioning process used high voltage and others say it was done using the electromagnetic fields from the deflection coils of an old CRT type of television. The Sweet device was noted for losing weight in proportion to the amount of power drawn from the device. It experienced up to 90% weight loss during testing. Reference:

Unique Magnetic Materials appeared to be the Key

These days there appears to be a lot of information on the internet aimed at getting people to lose interest in these devices. But Bugh began seeing a link between the magnetic materials used and the phenomena of unexplained power output. This was confirmed in another device he heard about that would only work when using a particular magnetic ferrite from the deflection coils of an old CRT type television from Russia. (update from Bugh: possibly because the Russian ferrite used was contaminated with traces of very heavy elements or radioactive elements) Other similar ferrite materials would not work. Yet another device from a Greek inventor used a loop of continuously turning recording tape with a special waveform recorded on it and only worked with a particular type/brand of magnetic recording tape.

The Birth of the Vasant Corporation

During Bugh's years of research he also started the Vasant Corporation in 1996. "Vasant" was meant to be dyslexic for Savant and later he found out that "Vasant" was a common name in India. The Vasant Corporation was not originally intended to be for "free energy" research. Bugh initially attempted to design, build and sell cockpit simulator displays and related instrumentation in the hopes he would make enough money to quit his job at General Dynamics. However, his competition in the same market warned him that they would squash him like a bug and that was just how it turned out. Bugh almost shut down the corporation but eventually decided to use it to publish his research of free energy devices. In 2001, Bugh published a CD of his research titled ‘Spin Wave Technology' and by 2002 he published a paperback book version of the same name. These have received mixed reviews. Reference:

Documenting the Science behind Free Energy

By 2014, Bugh had realized that within these unusual devices, Lenz's Law doesn't work as expected when there is a large enough gap between the source of Electromotive Force (EMF) and the source of resulting Counter Electromotive Force (CEMF). Lenz's Law is a fundamental physics law that relates to the conservation of energy in electrical current inducing devices. Reference:

Regarding various free energy devices, Bugh says, if there were extremely high frequency electromagnetic emissions from the magnetic materials such that a half wavelength delay occurred before the CEMF force arrived back at the source of the original EMF then strange things can happen. These devices could have extremely high frequency emissions riding on top of the lower frequency emissions and no one would see them with typical test equipment. Mainly as a way of organizing his own thoughts, Bugh created a slide presentation about Lenz's Law, strange results and also about his own design ideas for a free energy device.

This file is available as a download from the company website here:

Bugh has been making periodic updates to this file while continuing to work on a design for his own device. Bugh was calling his device a Spin Wave Laser (actually a maser) but eventually, he found out that a device like this was already called a Spin Super-radiance device by other physicists. Super-radiance is a phenomenon that causes coherent electromagnetic emissions in the gigahertz and terahertz frequency range. However, spin super-radiance is not the same as more commonly described atomic super-radiance.


Bugh thinks other physicists are not realizing that by using the correct type of magnetic materials and by controlling the delay of reflections off the device's cavity walls that it could extract electrical power from the momentum of the precessing electrons responsible for the spin super-radiance. Precession is the circular wobbling motion like seen with a spinning top or spinning gyroscope. The electron precession occurs at a specific microwave frequency determined by the strength of magnetic force applied to the electrons by a static or low frequency magnetic field.


Understanding the connection with Gravity Modification

Over the years Bugh has also been working on ideas about gravity that would explain how various "free energy" devices could experience weight loss during operation. By 2016, Bugh's gravity ideas had matured enough that he made and uploaded a 3 part video on that detailed his theory about where gravitational attraction comes from. By this time he noticed some close correlations to the "Gravity A wave" and "Gravity B wave" previously described by the physicist Bob Lazar. Bob Lazar is the physicist who had claimed to work on alien flying saucer technology at Area 51 in the USA.

See Bugh's gravity videos here:

Bob Lazar's Antimatter Reactor is just a Spin Super-radiance Device

Bugh's original design for a spin super-radiance chamber was an ellipsoid shape. But eventually, he realized that a half ellipsoid would work better and sit flat on a lab table more easily. He also realized that his design now looked similar to what Bob Lazar had described as an antimatter reactor. He then began a closer investigation of Bob Lazar's device and concluded it was actually a spin super-radiance device capable of outputting high power microwaves through the conduit that turns and exits the bottom of the device. Bugh also concluded the device should be capable of modifying gravity similar to how Floyd Sweet's device and other similar devices had in the past. In a sense, it is still an antimatter reactor because energy can be extracted by interacting normal matter with matter shifted in the direction it moves through time and mathematically, antimatter is just normal matter that is going backwards in time. Bugh says it is kind of an equivalence thing.

See a comparison between Bob Lazar's supposed antimater reactor and a spin superradiance device here:

The Truth about Element 115

Bugh's design of a spin super-radiance device uses a magnetic material engineered for specific properties at microwave frequencies. He now believes that Bob Lazar's antimatter reactor is also using magnetic material and that it is not really element 115. Bob Lazar made element 115 famous decades ago when he claimed it was used within the antimatter reactor that powered the sport model flying saucer he claimed to be reverse engineering. He said that reproduction models of the flying saucer used wedge shaped pieces of element 115 that were manufactured, processed, machined, etc. from a larger stock of the material at Los Alamos National Laboratory and that each wedge shaped piece was built up in layers. In addition, Bob Lazar stated he saw relative density test data that verified it had a density similar to element 115. Bugh has a theory about how the material could be that dense and he believes Lazar was used in a disinformation campaign without his realizing it. Read more about this here:

Bob Lazar's Gravity Wave Amplifiers are just special Microwave Antennas

Bugh says the devices that Bob Lazar calls gravity wave emitters or gravity wave amplifiers are really antennas made from toroid shaped magnetic materials and designed to transmit microwave frequency magnetic waves in which the electric field components are minimized.  In Bugh's video about gravity, he also discusses this process of minimizing or canceling out of the electric field component of the microwave emissions. He describes gravity as simply the magnetic attraction of magnetic fields that swap direction at microwave frequencies but that have a unique configuration in which almost all of the electric field components are canceled from the electromagnetic emissions. Bugh has an "Amateur Extra" class radio operator's license so he should know about this kind of thing.


The Vasant Corporation Needs Your Help

The Vasant Corporation is currently soliciting help from college students and professors in the USA to build proof of concept prototypes of Bugh's spin super-radiance device and prototypes of his magnetic waves transmitting antenna. Per the below presentation, the Vasant Corporation is offering reward money for the design and build of these devices. Also in this presentation, the 2 devices are shown working together in what looks like a copy of Bob Lazar's sport model flying saucer. The presentation begins with a radio subsystems project but then the remaining projects are all about this much more interesting stuff.

George Bugh would like everyone to take notice of a few facts. Namely: "The Pentagon has officially released videos of UFOs filmed by Navy pilots. These things don't burn fossil fuels and they are not held up by magic. The technology is real."

Something new for SETI?

The unique form of electromagnetic emissions in which the electric field components are cancelled out can be used for radio communications. This type of signal will not induce current flow in conductive materials so a typical antenna can't pick it up. However this type of signal can ripple through the fabric of space and apply torque on the rotational motions of electrons in ways that can be converted back into the typical transverse electromagnetic (TEM) waves we are used to using. Bugh suggests that this particular form of communication might be much more useful for SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) research projects.

The Environmental Impact of using this technology to power the world

If somehow these electric power producing devices can be shown to work then there is no need to use fossil fuel as an energy source and this would be a huge asset for the world. By not using fossil fuel, the making of greenhouse gases can come to a stop. In other words, less pollution will be produced from this new energy source. Bugh speculates that the transition could have started decades ago but some felt it necessary to keep the world dependent of fossil fuels as the primary source of energy. He speculates more about this on the Vasant Corporation website. Some also wanted to hoard related technological advances for themselves with no clear path to ever declassify the technology.

After thoughts

While developing this article and communicating with George Bugh, he says it has made him think: "What if it is not misinformation about the radioactive materials used in the first two examples of free energy devices? There might not be any nuclear reactions taking place but still the electromagnetic characteristics of these devices could be affected by these heavy elements. This effect might be what Bob Lazar refers to when he says very heavy elements allow access to the gravity A wave. Lazar says the gravity A wave is another name for the nuclear strong force. Quantum physicists have given the name "Gluon" to this theoretical force carrier of the nuclear strong force."

Read more about accessing Bob Lazar's
gravity A waves in heavy elements

What Powers those Pentagon verified UFOs?

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